Whitten Park Campground Fulton, MS Beach Review

We love the beach at Whitten Park. The back circle of campsites overlook the beach. For our family, the close access to the sandy beach is one of the main attractions of this park. It makes a day at the beach so nice to be able to run back and forth to your camper to use the restroom, grab snacks or cool off. There is an outdoor shower near the beach for getting the sand off your kids. Along the path that leads from the campsite to the beach, there is a nice picnic gazebo and a swing.

NOTE: The first time we were here, when these pictures were taken, the beach was unusable. They had some growth of weeds in the water. They said then that the Corps of Engineers was coming in to spray from a helicopter to kill it. When we returned the next year, the beach was clean and usable again. Apparently, the barges or boats had brought in some non-native tropical weed that tried to take over. As of Summer 2011, the beach  was weed-free.


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