RV Kid Halloween 2012

Here is a gallery of my second Halloween in the RV. We went back to our hometown to trick-or-treat and spend time with family. My grandparents live on the same street as we used to, so I saw lots of my old neighbors.

I went as a Southern Belle for Halloween because my Mommy and Daddy are always saying that I talk and act like a Southern Belle. I loved the costume because it was fancy and pretty!



RV Kid, Mommy & Gidget

RV Kid & Mommy

RV Kid & Daddy

RV Kid & Mimi handing out candy.


RV Kid & Cousin after trick-or-treating. I was so tired.

This was my Halloween goodies from Mommy & Daddy. Notice that they didn’t give me any candy, which was probably a good idea since I got so much trick-or-treating. I got some Halloween stickers, glow necklaces, an Animal Planet coloring book and a crib and high chair for my baby dolls!

Mommy had all the lights turned off and the candle burning when I woke up to see my goodies.

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