RV Bunk Bed Crib

When you are RVing with a small child, you need a safe and secure place for them to sleep. We really only had one option in our camper, and that was converting one of the bunk beds to a crib. So, my husband designed a crib-style safety barrier for our daughter’s bunk bed. He used the specs of our home crib for the slats. It sits in two brackets, latches on both sides and easily lifts in and out. It has worked perfectly, and our daughter loves her bunk bed. When she is older, we will install a shorter rail and ladder.

He mounted our baby video monitor camera in the back of the bunk by running the wire through the wall of the towel area. We couldn’t make it without our video monitor. Sometimes, we sit by a campfire after she’s gone to bed and watch her on the monitor. The RV air conditioner makes a lot of white noise, and she can be hard to hear even from the office. Unless we are using it outside, we keep the monitor on in the office when she’s sleeping.

The crib safety barrier slides in and out of those two L brackets and latches with 2 sliding latches on the top.


For our daughter’s birthday, we thought it was time to give her access up and down her bunk bed crib with a ladder. My husband removed 2 of the bunk bed crib barrier slats on the left side to create an opening for her to climb through. We aren’t comfortable with her having no barrier yet while she sleeps.

Modifying the barrier was really easy. All he did was remove the screws holding the two slats we wanted removed. We bought a bunk bed ladder on Amazon. My husband had to cut a couple of inches off the bottom of the ladder to make it work.

Our daughter LOVES her new ladder and bunk access. She must have went up and down the ladder 1,000 times the first week. She takes her dolls and books up there to hang out often. I made her matching rainbow curtains, a pillowcase and a fleece blanket for her birthday as well. She’s really into rainbows right now.

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