Piney Grove Campground New Site, MS Playground Review

Piney Grove Campground
New Site, MS

Piney Grove has two playgrounds and two multi-use courts.

The multi-use courts each have 2 basketball goals and a tennis/volleyball net. There are both behind a bathhouse and near the playgrounds. There are garbage cans and benches for sitting nearby. You can have a lot of fun on the courts. I like to draw on them with chalk and ride my bike around and around. The bigger kids play basketball, volleyball and tennis on them. Sometimes, they skate on them with rollerblades or skateboards.

They playgrounds are not the best I’ve seen, but you can still have some fun playing on them. There is a tire swing, a slide and climbing apparatus on each one. The slide is really the only thing for little kids, besides the sand. I usually carry my sand toys and build castles instead of playing on the equipment. Mommy likes to sit on one of the benches nearby in the shade to watch me.  The most fun part of the Piney Grove playgrounds is the other kids. On the weekend, you can usually find someone there to play with.

Playground 2

Multi-use Court 1 (Sorry, no pic of the 2nd court.)

Playground 1

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