Valentine’s Day in the RV 2012

We had a happy first Valentine’s Day in the RV. I got lots of fun stuff and plenty of candy, and we even had a special dinner. Mommy put my Valentine’s heart sheets on the bed for the week. It was really festive.

The weekend before the holiday, we went to visit Mimi & Pop. They sent my Valentine’s Day gifts back with me. I really love my shirt! Mommy dressed me up, and we had a photo shoot outside.


Valentine’s Bunk Bed Sheets

Mommy painted my fingernails for the first time! We used a pink and purple
glitter polish that was just perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Card From Mimi & Pop



This is the Valentine’s goodies that Mimi, Pop, Aunt & Cousin sent me. I love the shirt, bracelet and hairbows!



Valentine’s Gifts from Mommy & Daddy! I love the jump rope and magnifying glass!


Daddy bought me my first bouquet of flowers!


I loved picking all the petals off the roses!

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