My First RV Christmas

I love Christmas!!

We strung Christmas lights outside and put up a tree inside. I like to rearrange the ornaments on the tree several
times a day. Mommy even decorated my bunk bed with special Santa sheets.

I wrote a letter to Santa. He even called me the week before Christmas!

The week of Christmas, me and Mommy baked cookies and brownies for Santa. We colored special Christmas cards for all my loved ones.

On Christmas Eve, I went to eat at my Mamaw’s house. I had fun playing with all my baby cousins. I got a Play Doh ice cream shop kit, a baby doll in a car seat, and a snowman blanket from my MawMaw. I love my Play
Doh. I play with it everyday, and Mommy is surprised and pleased that I don’t make a mess!

On Christmas Eve night, I put out milk and cookies for Santa before I went to bed. I listened really hard for him, and I’m sure I heard him because when I woke up the next morning, he had left me presents under the tree! Santa brought me a pink bike, my own camera, an Elmo umbrella, a birthstone ring, 2 sets of sheets for my bunk, a
set of fairy dolls and lots of candy!

On Christmas Day, we went to Mimi & Pop’s house. We had a sleepover. My cousin Dalton spent the night too!

From Mimi & Pop, I got a car for my babies, a remote control car, a My Little Pony with long hair, a doll with lots of magnetic clothes, a pair of brown boots, 2 pairs of leggings, a set of pink pajamas, a hairbow, a sparkly purple shirt with matching jeans, a fabric Mother Goose book, a Barbie doll with a white kitten and probably some stuff I’m forgetting!

From Elaine and Dalton, I got a LeapFrog drawing game that I love, an Aquadoodle drawing pad, a Dora & Boots bath set, an Elmo & Grover book, a set of Black & Decker tools with my very own backpack, a pink bike helmet for riding my bike, and a gardening / sand toy set in a carrying bag!

My favorite gift of all was an heirloom dollhouse from Mimi, Pop, Elaine and Dalton!!! It came with lots of furniture and accessories. I play with it everyday! I love it! It used to belong to my Aunt Elaine when she was little. They saved it for me, and even gave it a fresh coat of stain and red paint. I am going to take a picture of it for my blog real soon!

I had a great Christmas! I’m a lucky girl!

THANKS to everyone for all my gifts!

Santa found our camper!

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