Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts

Mommy and I made these Halloween milk jug ghosts to decorate our campsite for the Halloween season. This was a fun camping activity for me and a great way to decorate our campsite.

Cut a hole in the back of your milk jug to insert votive candles or string lights. (We used string lights.)

Draw faces on the front of the jugs with a black marker or use cut out faces make from black duct tape. We tried both ways.

Jack-O-Lantern Bucket Light

We put an orange bulb in our bucket light, then drew a jack-o-lantern face on it with a dry erase marker for Halloween. You can put anything on your bucket light with a dry erase marker. It wipes right off!

Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts

Mommy and I saved our milk jugs before Halloween to make these milk jug ghosts for campsite decorations during the Halloween season. You make them by cutting an opening in the back of the jug to stick votive candles or string lights into. Then, you draw faces with  black markers or cut faces out of black duct tape to stick on them. We tried both ways. It was a fun activity for me and a neat decoration for our Halloween campsite.

RV Birthday Decorations

Birthday decorations inside and outside the camper. The balloons are hung with twist ties.


Birthday Cake

Birthday Morning

Birthday Morning. The banner is hung on the cornice with safety pins. The balloons are attached to the ends of the banner with twist ties.

Birthday Morning

Outside birthday party decorations.

Having fun around the campfire with grandparents waiting on my party to start!

Put on your hats, it’s time to PARTY!

Yay! Birthdays are fun!

How To Hang Christmas Stockings In The RV

We just spent our first Christmas in the RV. We decorated much like we would at home, but on a smaller scale. Here is the best solution for hanging stockings that I could come up with in our RV.

My camper has fabric covered cornices above most of the windows. I knew I wanted my stockings to hang from the cornice for a couple of reasons. First, it was the only place that really made sense when I looked around. Secondly, it was directly behind our Christmas tree which I thought looked good. I tried to sit my stocking hangers from home on top of them, but they wouldn’t fit.

So, I pinned the stockings to the top of the cornice with large safety pins. It looked great! The pins were hidden, and the stockings hung beautifully. I have included several pictures below.