RV Kid Halloween 2012

Here is a gallery of my second Halloween in the RV. We went back to our hometown to trick-or-treat and spend time with family. My grandparents live on the same street as we used to, so I saw lots of my old neighbors.

I went as a Southern Belle for Halloween because my Mommy and Daddy are always saying that I talk and act like a Southern Belle. I loved the costume because it was fancy and pretty!



RV Kid, Mommy & Gidget

RV Kid & Mommy

RV Kid & Daddy

RV Kid & Mimi handing out candy.


RV Kid & Cousin after trick-or-treating. I was so tired.

This was my Halloween goodies from Mommy & Daddy. Notice that they didn’t give me any candy, which was probably a good idea since I got so much trick-or-treating. I got some Halloween stickers, glow necklaces, an Animal Planet coloring book and a crib and high chair for my baby dolls!

Mommy had all the lights turned off and the candle burning when I woke up to see my goodies.

Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts

Mommy and I made these Halloween milk jug ghosts to decorate our campsite for the Halloween season. This was a fun camping activity for me and a great way to decorate our campsite.

Cut a hole in the back of your milk jug to insert votive candles or string lights. (We used string lights.)

Draw faces on the front of the jugs with a black marker or use cut out faces make from black duct tape. We tried both ways.

Jack-O-Lantern Bucket Light

We put an orange bulb in our bucket light, then drew a jack-o-lantern face on it with a dry erase marker for Halloween. You can put anything on your bucket light with a dry erase marker. It wipes right off!

Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts

Mommy and I saved our milk jugs before Halloween to make these milk jug ghosts for campsite decorations during the Halloween season. You make them by cutting an opening in the back of the jug to stick votive candles or string lights into. Then, you draw faces with  black markers or cut faces out of black duct tape to stick on them. We tried both ways. It was a fun activity for me and a neat decoration for our Halloween campsite.

My First RV Halloween 2011

This is how we spent my first Halloween in the RV!

Pop and Daddy helped me carve our pumpkins. Pop drew the faces. Daddy did the carving. I supervised it all.

I didn’t carve my small pumpkin. Mommy showed me a trick: if you use washable markers, you can wipe the pumpkin off with a soapy rag and color a new face on it everyday!

The weekend before Halloween was really fun in the park.  Most of the campers put out jack-o-lanterns and fall decorations. Some of them even decorated the pavillion like a haunted house!  They had headstones, purple and orange lights, skeletons, spiderwebs, witches, and other stuff.  It was spooky! I loved looking at it!

On the day of Halloween, I got special treats from Mommy and Daddy in the morning! There was a spooky coloring book and a spooky Elmo book!

I went to Mimi & Pop’s house for supper and to trick-or-treat in their neighborhood. I got lots of candy and saw some scary monsters!! I was dressed as a scary jack-o-lantern!

Me & Pop drawing faces on the pumpkins.

Daddy carving the pumpkin.

Drawing on my pumpkin.

Hard at work!

Daddy cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin – what a mess!

Pop drew a scary face on my pumpkin.

Putting a candle in the pumpkin.

“Hmm, now what can I do with this green…”

My Halloween morning gifts from Mommy & Daddy.

No pictures!

Okay, maybe a couple.

Getting ready to go to Mimi & Pop’s house.

My favorite cousin Dalton!

Mommy& Me!