Easter Gifts For My Friends

I was going to hunt Easter eggs on Saturday with our Park Host partner’s grandkids on Saturday, so I made them special goody bags and made them each a special egg with their name in glitter. My mommy filled some eggs with candy and designated 18 dyed eggs for the hunt. We didn’t end up getting to do the hunt because the kids weren’t able to be here after all, but I saved their goodies for when I see them next time.

RV Camper Easter Decorations

Mommy and I decorated our Park Host sign for Easter. We made string lights out of plastic Easter eggs. Just take a sharp knife and whittle a small hole in the top of the eggs and push them over the light bulbs on a string of white lights.

Mommy decorated my bunk bed with special sheets the week of Easter. The sheets had pictures of Beatrix Potter bunny rabbits all over them. I love my Easter sheets!



Easter Decoration For Our Park Host Sign



My Easter Bunk Bed Sheets

Dyeing Easter Eggs

We dyed Easter eggs on Friday afternoon. This was my first time dyeing eggs, and my Mommy was surprised at how smoothly it went. We dyed 3 dozen eggs. I added some glitter glue to my most special eggs when they were dry. We had a really good time dyeing and decorating my eggs. I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Mommy Tips: Cover your picnic table with a cheap dollar store tablecloth. Use styrofoam coffee cups and plastic spoons for your dye. The cups will be easy to knock over, so secure them with something – I used a couple of bricks. I read somewhere to save toilet paper and paper towel rolls to cut up for drying your eggs. It worked really well. I bought 2 different brands of dye to get more variety of colors.