How To Hang Christmas Stockings In The RV

We just spent our first Christmas in the RV. We decorated much like we would at home, but on a smaller scale. Here is the best solution for hanging stockings that I could come up with in our RV.

My camper has fabric covered cornices above most of the windows. I knew I wanted my stockings to hang from the cornice for a couple of reasons. First, it was the only place that really made sense when I looked around. Secondly, it was directly behind our Christmas tree which I thought looked good. I tried to sit my stocking hangers from home on top of them, but they wouldn’t fit.

So, I pinned the stockings to the top of the cornice with large safety pins. It looked great! The pins were hidden, and the stockings hung beautifully. I have included several pictures below.

RV Christmas Decorations

We strung Christmas lights outside and put up a tree inside. I like to rearrange the ornaments on the tree several times a day. Mommy even decorated my bunk bed with special Santa sheets. We had a terrific first Christmas in the RV!

y gifts!

Decorating A Kid’s Bunk Bed For Holidays

One of the few things I miss about living in a house is having room to store holiday decorations. At home, I had a few things to sit out for each holiday. I can’t justify keeping those things in the limited storage of my RV. There is too much other regular-use stuff that has to take a higher priority like seasonal clothes and tools.

One of the areas of the RV where I had unused space was in the box I keep under the bunks for extra bedding. I had about half that box free, so I thought, “What can I reasonably use this space for?”  I thought about it off and on for awhile. When the fall and winter holiday season began to roll around, I was beginning to miss having some special holiday decorations for my daughter to look at and enjoy. Then it hit me. I could decorate her bunk bed with special holiday themed sheets for each of the holidays!

So, I began shopping on Ebay for some good deals. After a few weeks, I had managed to find deals on a set of sheets for each of these holidays: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween / Fall and Christmas. I bought used sheets for Halloween and Christmas because there really wasn’t much to be had at that time for those holidays. I got the Halloween sheets for 99 cents plus shipping! I am still looking for an American flag themed set for the Summer holidays.

My daughter loves her holiday sheets, and it’s just a small thing I’m doing to make her bunk bed space her own and to provide some holiday excitement.
I’ve had fun doing it, as well. The sheet sets fold up pretty small, and I still have some extra space in the box.

I can’t do the whole bed with blankets, comforters, etc. due to space and the fact that my daughter is really attached to her 2 fleece blankets she always sleeps with. You will see in the pictures that I don’t use a top sheet on her bunk. She doesn’t like to be encumbered with a top sheet so it always ends up wadded up in the corner or twisted everywhere. That’s alright with me because it gives me 2 sheets I can rotate for use as bottom sheets

Below are photos of the Christmas and Valentine’s Day sheets I used. I will post the Halloween and Easter sets when I find the time.

Valentine’s Day Sheets

Christmas Sheets


Easter Sheets

Halloween and Fall Sheets Pics Coming Soon!

RV Camper Easter Decorations

Mommy and I decorated our Park Host sign for Easter. We made string lights out of plastic Easter eggs. Just take a sharp knife and whittle a small hole in the top of the eggs and push them over the light bulbs on a string of white lights.

Mommy decorated my bunk bed with special sheets the week of Easter. The sheets had pictures of Beatrix Potter bunny rabbits all over them. I love my Easter sheets!



Easter Decoration For Our Park Host Sign



My Easter Bunk Bed Sheets

Valentine’s Day in the RV 2012

We had a happy first Valentine’s Day in the RV. I got lots of fun stuff and plenty of candy, and we even had a special dinner. Mommy put my Valentine’s heart sheets on the bed for the week. It was really festive.

The weekend before the holiday, we went to visit Mimi & Pop. They sent my Valentine’s Day gifts back with me. I really love my shirt! Mommy dressed me up, and we had a photo shoot outside.


Valentine’s Bunk Bed Sheets

Mommy painted my fingernails for the first time! We used a pink and purple
glitter polish that was just perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Card From Mimi & Pop



This is the Valentine’s goodies that Mimi, Pop, Aunt & Cousin sent me. I love the shirt, bracelet and hairbows!



Valentine’s Gifts from Mommy & Daddy! I love the jump rope and magnifying glass!


Daddy bought me my first bouquet of flowers!


I loved picking all the petals off the roses!