RV Potty Training Seat

When it was time to potty train our daughter, we used a potty seat that sits neatly on a standard toilet. After reading and talking to other parents, the consensus was to skip using the traditional stand-alone potty seat and go straight for the one that sits on the toilet. This worked out best for our family because it doesn’t take up any extra room in the RV. It sits in the space between the toilet and vanity when not in use. All things considered, I think this is the best option for a potty seat in an RV.

Picnic Table Booster Seat

If you are looking for a safe and secure booster seat that you can attach to picnic table benches, I recommend the Safety First traveling seat.  It has a tray for food, folds to a small size and has a handy strap for easy carrying. It can be used 5 different ways. I love this thing – it’s ideal for camping! We also take it with us if we are going to be visiting family so she has a place to eat comfortably and safely. We got it at Walmart.

RV Camper High Chair

This is the  restaurant style high chair we use in the RV.  We measured the height of the table to make sure it would slide underneath. Using one of these saves a lot of space in the RV compared to a conventional high chair. We got a real bargain on this chair on Ebay. You can get them brand new on there for less than half the price of Walmart.

We use a cheap dollar store plastic tablecloth for a splat mat under the high chair when she eats. It folds up to a small size, and has worked out well for our family. We keep it stored under the sink with our plastic bags.

RV Camper Child Proofing

Just like in any home, you have to child proof your RV. Luckily, all the same child proofing gadgets and gizmos you buy for home will work in an RV.

Standard cabinet door latches work in RVs. We have all cabinets within her reach secured with these.

The same latches secure all of our drawers. These latches provide extra cabinet and drawer security when traveling, as well.

Standard door knob safety device secures the bathroom door.

We used standard outlet covers on all the RV electrical outlets. The outlets actually look better with the covers on them.

We use a baby gate to keep her out of the office. There is a lot of stuff in there that she could get in trouble with, so she’s only allowed in there under supervision. She figured out how to work a baby gate before we moved into the RV, so my husband mounted this one with screws.

The screen door latch that came on the camper was very insecure and easy to figure out. We had to find something to secure that door with, and this is the best we could do. Russell had to cut into the door molding to make it fit. It isn’t pretty, but it works and is out of her reach.

RV Camper Bunk Bed Crib

When you are RVing with a small child, you need a safe and secure place for them to sleep. We really only had one option in our camper, and that was converting one of the bunk beds to a crib. So, my husband designed a crib-style safety barrier for our daughter’s bunk bed. He used the specs of our home crib for the slats. It sits in two brackets, latches on both sides and easily lifts in and out. It has worked perfectly, and our daughter loves her bunk bed. When she is older, we will install a shorter rail and ladder.

He mounted our baby video monitor camera in the back of the bunk by running the wire through the wall of the towel area. We couldn’t make it without our video monitor. Sometimes, we sit by a campfire after she’s gone to bed and watch her on the monitor. The RV air conditioner makes a lot of white noise, and she can be hard to hear even from the office. Unless we are using it outside, we keep the monitor on in the office when she’s sleeping.

The crib safety barrier slides in and out of those two L brackets and latches with 2 sliding latches on the top.