Perfect RV Recipe Holder

This is a perfect way to hang, hold and read your recipes in the RV camper. Just clip your recipe onto one of these clothes hangers with clips and hang on a cabinet door knob. I keep mine stored in my recipe box. When I grab a recipe, I grab the hanger.

rv recipe holder rv cooking

How To Make A Rainbow Ice Cube Drink

Freeze different Kool Aid flavors in ice cube trays, place in glass and pour in Sprite, sparkling water or plain water. Plain water will be fine. The melting Kool Aid will flavor it.

You can even freeze your ice cubes ahead and bring along camping in a ziploc bag.

Your camping kids will love it.

Make A Crab With Hand Prints

Here is a cute little craft or art activity for your camping kids – make a crab using your kid’s hand prints in red paint. Just glue or paint on some googly eyes and add some beachy scenery. This would be a great card to mail home to grandparents from your beach camping trip.